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Brushed Micro

1S LiPo brushed copter with 3D printed frame
Project started on October 09, 2016.
Last updated on May 24, 2022.

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Because I did not really feel comfortable with the large size of both my first copter and my tricopter, I decided to build a very small and lightweight 1S brushed quadcopter. The frame is 3D printed, but because it did not fit my 3D printer at the time I had to order it online.

Front view
Rear view
Bottom view

Here are some recordings of the FPV footage. Be aware that these videos are recorded from the received signal on the ground. Not only can you see lots of interference and other HF problems, the loss of quality from the video recorder and the YouTube encoding is also very noticeable. In real-life, the picture doesn't look that bad.

Brushed Copter Test Flight

As you can probably tell from the pictures, I was a bit scared about my first AIO cam with a soldered-on antenna. After I had to re-solder a new one once, I covered it in copious amounts of hotglue, to avoid crash damage. It seems to work.

To mount the battery to the frame I used a small piece of 3M Dual Lock on both the copter and all of my batteries.

Parts List

The prices listed below are just what I found while doing this page some years later, not the real prices I paid back then.

Part Description Cost
Frame Oskie Micro Frame v1 10.00€
FC Sp Racing F3 Evo Brushed 10.24€
Rx RX-F802 19.97€
Motors 4x 8.5mm x 20mm Brushed Motor 12.99€
Props 55mm Brushed Props 8.99€
Cam FX797T 22.71€
Battery Turnigy nano-tech 1S 750mAh 4.06€
Sum 88.96€

You can find my Betaflight configuration dumps here.