IoT Software Stack

InfluxDB / Grafana / Telegraf
Project started on April 01, 2019.
Last updated on May 21, 2022.

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Besides the sensor inputs and actor outputs, which are handled by my ESP-Env firmware, a complete Smarthome setup also needs some software running on a central server. This usually consists of a message broker, like MQTT. Some kind of database, preferably for time series data, like InfluxDB. And a way of visualizing that data, like Grafana.

The installation of all of these tools is in my case handled by an ansible script. They are running on a VM on my NAS.

I also have some other fun scripts running that feed data into Influx. This includes fritzinfluxdb, which polls statistics from a Fritz.Box and includes a nice pre-made Grafana dashboard. Another one is nut-influxdb-exporter, which logs statistics from the UPS connected to my NAS.

All of my machines also run Telegraf to feed statistics about stuff like CPU and disk usage.

The air quality monitor on my balcony also writes into the database, besides their open sensor community map.

Snippet of environmental sensor data
Snippet of computing resources data