Wilesco steam fire engine D305

Trying to get an old toy to work again
Published on September 08, 2023.

Somewhere around twenty years ago, when I was still a small child, I got a Wilesco D305 steam fire engine for christmas. It's now finally back in my possession, so of course I had to try it out. My friend Igor and his daugther volunteered to help 🚂

D305 in front of Toolbox Markdorf

Unfortunately it didn't work too well. We got it to actually drive for about 30sec, but that was pretty much the best we could make it do.

I think it's a combination of negative factors:

So not much steam is produced in the first place. Then some of it is lost in the leaking valves. And finally the machine itself is hard to move. So even with the most intense fire we managed to create there's really not much pressure / steam produced. And even in the short time where the whistle sounded like there was good pressure, it still was not enough to run it properly.

Fortunately Wilesco still exists. And as you would expect from a small and old company like this, they also have a big set of replacement parts. Also my grandfather was actually a "licensed" Wilesco repairman and seller. So he had quite a big collection of their machines, toys and replacement parts. Some replacement parts actually were part of the things I managed to get from the house last month.

Assortment of Wilesco spare parts
More Wilesco spare parts

I have a bunch of generic parts like gaskets, but unfortunately no complete safety valve with a matching thread. And also I don't yet have the required brazing/soldering skills to do work like replacing the main valve. So I'm not quite sure how to proceed with this at the moment. For now it will have to go to the healing bench.