Saving the steam engine: Part 1

Storing the machine and the trailers
Published on July 29, 2023.

You may have seen my Grandpas steam engine here on this website. Unfortunately he died in November 2016 (1, 2, 3). My Grandma, his widow, also died in October 2021 (1, 2). Because they had a "joint will", this was the point where I officially inherited the steam engine.

It took nearly two more years, but now the house has been sold and the time has come to take the machine somewhere else.

Fortuantely my friend Igor was quick to help out with his car. It has a trailer hitch, so I rented a trailer from a nearby gas station and we got to work.

Moving machine onto trailer
Panorama of machine on trailer

Todays mission was getting out all the big stuff. So the machine itself, as well as the small "seat" and the two larger trailers.

Everything on the trailer, right side
Everything on the trailer, left side
Everything on the trailer, front side

Of course this was not the first time the machine had to be moved. So matching aluminium rails were already prepared, with notches cut out, to hold on to the trailers edge. Using the gearbox and flywheel, maneuvering the machine onto the trailer is actually pretty simple.

Large trailer hanging on hoist
Panorama of trailer on hoist

Getting the trailers down from the garage attic was also not difficult, thanks to more electric hoists installed all over the house.

The old 'Dampfschuppen' shed
Stored in new place

And here is one last look into the steam engine shed, affectionately called "Dampfschuppen", as well as the new storage place for the machine I rented.

Another trip to the house will have to follow soon, to get all the smaller parts, tools, documents, etc.

More Pictures

Some more photographs I didn't use above.
Panorama of trailer on hoist (2)
Moving machine onto trailer (2)
Stored in new place (2)